My Experience With The SimpleHuman 40L Plastic Slim Pedal Bin

SimpleHuman 40L Plastic Slim Pedal Bin Review
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I highly recommend the SimpleHuman 40L Plastic Slim Pedal Bin for any homeowner who wants a quiet, beautiful and convenient can for putting away their garbage.

I was looking for a suitable bin for my garbage at home when I came across the simplehuman 40 litre plastic slim pedal bin.

Well, at first I thought it was just like the other garbagebins, but was soon amazed when I started to read about its striking features. For instance, this is the only bin in the market with patented lid shox technology, which guarantees smooth, silent closure every time you use it.

Read on to learn about our experience with this bin.

SimpleHuman 40L Plastic Slim Pedal Bin Review

simplehuman 40 litre plastic slim pedal bin

Our new bin…


What Are You Buying?

As highlighted above, the lid shox function works in such a way that when you step on the pedal to open the lid, the damper ejects air out for the lid to open rapidly, but also uses opposite resistance force to gradually allow air back in for the lid to close quietly after use.

I found it to be nicely quiet, with no banging or loud sound like in other garbage-bins that I used in the past.

You can also lock the lid shut so as to prevent your kids or pets from entering and getting into contact with the dirt.

Another feature I found interesting are the code K custom fit liners, which are designed to be conspicuous but still fit perfectly on the pedal-bin so as to prevent slipping. These liners stay well hidden but even more importantly, they are strong and sturdy without easily tearing or leaking.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The SimpleHuman 40litre pedal bin was ergonomically designed to fit into tight spaces, such as in-between your cabinets, kitchen and even office space.

Personally, as a family we keep ours next to the kitchen-door where anyone in the home can easily throw away their rubbish with convenience. I also like that it has built-in wheels which makes it easier for me to move the bin, such as when I’m taking it outside for emptying.

Furthermore, the top lid is dent-proof meaning you won’t have to replace it regularly due to damages caused by a heavy object standing on it, such as your child or home cat. In addition, the bin is made from durable plastic that’s fingerprint and simple to clean.

I also appreciate that it has a strong steel pedal which can last for more than 20yrs, no matter the amount of times you use it per day. In fact, the manufacturers say this stainless steel pedal is designed to last 150,000 steps without requiring any servicing or maintenance from the owner.

What Accessories Are Included?

  • Custom trash bags
  • Lid hinge replacement

What Do We Think About It?


  • The bin is smartlooking and longlasting
  • Available in multiple colors including black, grey and stone plastic
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • It doesn’t sit flat against the wall since the top draws back 2-3 inches away from the can body during use
  • Online warranty submissions are unreliable

Anything Else You Should Know?

One of my favourite points about this garbage bin is that the stepping unit feels strong and steady, even when the can is completely empty. It doesn’t wobble and the lid remains open up to 90 degrees if you push it up by hand, which is convenient when I’m throwing in scraps off the kitchen-counter into the bin.

I also find it practical that the mouth is fairly wide and square, meaning larger items such as milk containers can easily be disposed without any struggle to fit them inside.


I highly recommend the simplehuman 40 litre plastic slim pedal bin for any homeowner who wants a quiet, beautiful and convenient can for putting away their garbage.

This product features the patented lid shox technology which ensures the top closes nicely without any banging, or splattering of garbage that’s been thrown inside. Additionally, it has a locking function which deters small kids and pets from getting inside the trashcan when parents are not around.

Furthermore, due to its slim-design it can fit even in the tightest spaces inside your home where other trashcans won’t easily be accommodated. Not to mention that it also has wheels for easy movement around the house, such as when you want to take the bin outside for emptying once full.

Another of my favourite features is the custom fit liners, which are durable and fingerprint resistant as well. They make it easy for you to carry the trashcan around and even clean it without leaving behind any finger smudges on the surface. These liners are also nicely concealed to blend into the can body and tightly wrap around it to prevent any slipping.

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