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If you don’t mind waiting a few days for your order, Threadheads is one of the best places to shop for graphic t-shirts and hoodies for yourself, your loved ones and your kids. It’s also a great place if you are looking for gifting ideas. They have t-shirts, jumpers and even mugs that cater to specific hobbies and interests.   

If you are shopping for a cool graphic t-shirt, hoodie or jumper, Threadheads is one of the best places to get one.

They have a huge variety of unique printed tees and hoodies for both adults and kids. Whether you are a Seinfield fan or want a t-shirt that represents your sassy side, Threadheads has something for you.

About Threadheads

Ace Reunis launched Threadheads in 2017 in partnership with Marcus Siegel. While the company makes millions in revenue today, they were a small struggling company for a long time.

Founded in Victoria, Australia, Threadheads went through a number of problems that threatened to kill the business including having their website destroyed by hackers.

The boost in online spending helped boost the business from about £74,000 in 2019 to around £4.7 million in 2021. That’s a lot of growth in just a couple of years.

Today, Threadheads ships their graphic t-shirts to Europe, the US and many other countries. They focus heavily on sustainably, which is why their products are made to order in Prague, Czech Republic. This increases delivery time but it prevents waste.

In addition, their clothes are also made sustainably and are eco-friendly. They use organic cotton that’s been sourced sustainably. Any item that’s made with cotton and polyester uses recycled polyester.

So if you are an eco-conscious shopper, Threadheads is a great place to shop.

What Do They Sell?

Threadheads mainly sells graphic t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers. For the t-shirts, you can get classic tees or long sleeves.

The clothes are available in adult and kid sizes. Notably, they don’t categorise the adult clothes into men’s and women’s categories (the kids clothes are also unisex).

So if you are looking for a tee with a specific feminine design, this is probably not the best place to find one. Most of their stuff is unisex.

The true variety of Threadheads clothes is the graphics. There’s a dizzying number of unique graphics to choose from. Many of these graphics borrow from pop culture and online memes with lots of funny stuff to choose from.

Some of our favourite graphics we found on Threadheads t-shirts and hoodies include Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, MILF (Man, I Love Fishing), Jerry Seinfield, and Kill them With Kindness.

For kids clothes, there’s plenty of cartoon and movie graphics to choose from. There’s also lots of funny prints that older kids will appreciate including ‘In my defence, I was left unsupervised’ and ‘I paused my game to be here’.

Sizes & Colours

Each item is available in a wide range of sizes from XXS all the way to 4XL. So you’ll likely find the perfect t-shirt or hoodie for yourself.

Many of the t-shirts and hoodies are also available with multiple colour options.


Looking for more funny and cool printed items? Threadheads also makes graphic mugs and tote bags.

The clothes and accessories make for excellent gifts, whether for christmas, birthday or some other special events. If you are not sure what to get someone, Threadheads has gift cards so your friend can choose whatever they fancy. They start at £50 and go up to £300.


Threadheads is big on pop culture. They’ve done collabs with major brands and names to create some cool graphics.

They have a specific category on their website for collabs where you can shop for clothes with graphics from Rick and Morty, Seinfield, Sesame Street, Friends, NASA, Naruto, Harry Potter and more.

How Easy Is It to Use The Threadheads Website?

With hundreds of cool graphics to choose from, it can be hard to find the one you want. Fortunately, Threadheads makes it easy with their well laid out website.

If you want, you can just scroll through the listings of t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers until you find something that strikes your fancy.

But it might be easier to check out their themes. Here, you can pick items based on themes like Christsmas, the 90s, Cats, Dinosaurs, Geek, Retro and so on.

You can also go to the specific category of clothes you want (e.g. t-shirts) and then choose a specific theme from the menu.

These themes are especially handy when you are hunting down a gift for a friend. If you know their hobbies or what kind of stuff they like, it’s easy to narrow down your choices. Gifting a gamer friend? There’s a gaming category for t-shirts. Your kid loves space stuff? There’s an entire category of space t-shirts with NASA and similar graphics.

Remember you can also pick from their collabs if you have a particular show or movie in mind. You can also check out the most popular buys, what’s on offer or what’s new in the store.

Threadheads Shipping & Delivery

Threadheads ships from Prague, Czech Republic. All clothes are made to order, so it takes time to print and deliver them.

Standard delivery to the UK takes 8-9 business days while Express delivery takes 6-7 business days. You can track your order once it is shipped.

Shipping is free for orders above £50.

Threadheads Returns

Threadheads offers a generous 60-day return period. However, you can only get an exchange or store credit, not a refund. Also, the items have to be unworn and in the same condition as when you received them.

If you want a refund because an item doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good on you, you’ll need to show proof of donation. That’s because Threadheads does not resell clothes.

What We Like About Threadheads

  • Huge variety of graphic t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers.
  • Adult and kids clothes are available.
  • Cool and unique graphics. We especially love their collabs.
  • Easy to use website.
  • Easy to exchange items.

Issues But Not Deal Breakers

  • Shipping takes time.
  • No gender-specific options.


If you don’t mind waiting a few days for your order, Threadheads is one of the best places to shop for graphic t-shirts and hoodies for yourself, your loved ones and your kids.

It’s also a great place if you are looking for gifting ideas. They have t-shirts, jumpers and even mugs that cater to specific hobbies and interests.

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