Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron Review

Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron Review
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The Tefal FV4040 has a sleek design, is comfortable, powerful and feature loaded. It makes light of ironing – even for those who aren’t particularly fond of it. Its auto-shut off and ultra-glide features make it a winner.

In this world, there are two kinds of people – those who find delight in Sunday ironing in front of the telly, and those who find it to be a core and keep postponing it forever. For those who don’t particularly enjoy ironing, keeping up with the latest iron technologies and trends is nowhere on their to-do list.

If you fall in the latter category, chances are you’re here because your current iron has failed or you even don’t have one. But whichever the case, it’s important to know what you’ll be spending your money on.

Arming yourself with the knowledge of iron technologies and which iron is the best will protect you from having to spend money buying a new iron in the near future. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mean you need to become an expert in this. But some iron knowledge will go a long way in helping you find value for your money.

In this piece, I’ll hold your hand and take you through a quick review of the Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron based on my 10-month experience with it. Though short, it will be honest and upfront.

Tefal Ultraglide Steam Iron Review

tefal fv4040 ultraglide steam iron

Our Tefal iron…


What Are You Buying?

The Tefal Ultraglide Steam Iron is a hyped and popular appliance. But is it really worth its salt? Well, yes. The Tefal FV4040GO is a powerful steam iron. It comes with a power rating of 2400 W and outputs steam between 0-40 g/minute. But despite its power, it’s extremely efficient and of low maintenance.

What this means is that you’ll have an easier time flattening creases on your clothes. And though it’s gentle, not even the most difficult creases can stand on its way.

And speaking of efficiency, the Tefal FV4040 has the Ultraglide diffusion soleplate working in its favour. This soleplate is smooth and is designed to glide on clothes as it works its magic. Ironing will not be a tedious chore with this steam iron.

What’s more, the soleplate is equipped with anti-scratch properties which work to protect its glide ability and performance in the long run.

But in all honesty, its design and color (blue), were the first things that intrigued me about this steam iron. I’ve always been a sucker for beauty. You see, the Tefal FV4040 has a sleek design. You can tell it was designed with the end user in mind. The unit is not heavy and the handle is comfortable.

So, even when you’ll be ironing in bulk, your wrist and fingers won’t feel the pressure. I particularly love that the steam controller is also a thumb away.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The Tefal FV4040 has a built-in tank. What stands about the tank is it’s easy to fill design. The opening is extra-large. The tank has a capacity of 270 ml. With this capacity, you can steam iron quite a number of clothes without needing a refill.

Apart from this, the Tefal FV4040 has an auto shutoff feature. This means that you never have to panic when you have left the house and suddenly remember you left the iron on. The auto shut-off feature kicks in after 30 seconds of idling.

Also, its 3m cord makes it convenient to use anywhere around the house. And so that the cable doesn’t get in the way of easy storage, the iron has a unique Easycord system.

Lastly, and probably best of all, the steam iron has a self-cleaning function. This makes it easy to maintain.

What Accessories Are Included?

Upon purchase, expect to have:

  • An Ultraglide FV4040 Steam Iron
  • A Manual
  • Warranty

What Do We Think About It?


  • It’s quite powerful making it perfect for heavy fabrics
  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • The iron is safe
  • Its gliding soleplate is spot on
  • The 3m cord is convenient


  • The writing on the handle fades
  • The tank closure is quite fragile

Anything Else You Should Know?

The most interesting part about the Tefal Ultraglide Steam Iron is the fact that it features an anti-scale system which prevents limescale build up and preserves its performance over time. It also has an anti-drip design. This prevents leakage and water droplets spilling on your clothes. We all know how unsightly and annoying water stains can be.


The Tefal FV4040 has a sleek design, is comfortable, powerful and feature loaded. It makes light of ironing – even for those who aren’t particularly fond of it. Its auto-shut off and ultra-glide features make it a winner.

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